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17 Ecommerce Facebook Ad Examples to Boost Your Next Campaign

Are you looking for inspiration for your next Ecommerce Facebook ad?

Then stay tuned, because we’ve got 17 amazing examples to give your next campaign a significant revenue boost.

Let’s dive in!


  1. Oura – Keep Your Ecommerce Facebook Ad Simple and Focused on Benefits
  2. John’s Crazy Socks – Improve Your Brand Reputation
  3. DAVIDsTEA – Promote Useful Content
  4. Daniel Wellington – Improve Conversion with Chatbots
  5. Harry’s – Present Your Product Innovatively
  6. HUM Nutrition – Preview Your Product
  7. Best Self Co – Offer Your Customers a Deal
  8. Eczema Honey Co – Delivering Engaging Social Proof
  9. Boosted Boards – Nothing’s Better than Reviews
  10. What Do You Meme? – Humor Convinces Customers
  11. Sitting Pretty – Showcase Your Product in Action
  12. Jack Black Men’s Skincare – Product Demonstrations Are Still en Vogue
  13. Wayfair – Promote Events
  14. Away – Beautiful Visuals
  15. Nike – Contrasting Presentation
  16. Casper – Mitigate Risks and Address Objections
  17. Thousand Helmets – People Respond to People

1 Oura – Keep Your Ecommerce Facebook Ad Simple and Focused on Benefits

You don’t have to over-explain your product to entice customers.

Oura, the company behind the ring that helps you track your sleep and activity patterns, knows that well:

Oura ring ad that says 'Get rest. Get ready'. This is a Facebook advertisement that is pushing them to purchase.

Key Takeaways:

  • What does your product do? Explain your product in a single sentence. Keep it as short and concise as possible.
  • Highlight the benefits. Best Ecommerce Facebook ads don’t beat around the bush. They explain why the products are beneficial to customers. For example, Oura says that “Great days start with great sleep.” And isn’t that the gospel truth everyone can relate to?

2 John’s Crazy Socks – Improve Your Brand Reputation

Ecommerce Facebook ads are a great way to show your customers that you’re running more than a business.

John’s Crazy Socks emphasize their founder’s story, which makes their sock brand so notable:

A Facebook advertisement for John's crazy socks. It's a video ad that highlights the mission of the company and the different charities they support. 'Giving back is part of our spreading happiness.'

Key Takeaways:

  • Got a mission? If your brand has an extraordinary mission, put it at the forefront of your ad campaign.
  • Improve your brand reputation. Show your customers that giving back is a part of your brand’s mission. Consumers want brands with values, and inviting them to join your journey is a great way to turn them into your customers.

3 DAVIDsTEA – Promote Useful Content

Ecommerce ads are perfect for promoting valuable content that will attract your new customers.

DAVIDsTEA create and advertise useful content, promoting their brand and products all the while:

Facebook ad for DAVIDsTEA that promotes an article they wrote about how much tea do you need per serving.

Key Takeaway:

  • Create and promote valuable content. Your potential customers are using Facebook to read interesting information about things they care about. If you promote useful content, you’ll educate your customers about the topic and the values of your product at the same time. It’s an entire marketing funnel within a single ad!

4 Daniel Wellington – Improve Conversion with Chatbots

Consumers love chatbots. And the folks at Daniel Wellington (yes, that watch brand you see everywhere on Instagram) are leveraging it wisely to give a boost to their advertising.

Facebook advertisement for Daniel Wellington that shows chat messages asking how they can assist and the person wants latest news. They want to link to the Iconic link watch.

Key Takeaways:

  • Merge mediums. Consumers are expecting brands to create omnichannel experiences. And what better way of doing it than by advertising your chatbots experience to help customers find the perfect product?
  • Influence purchase decisions. When you’re advertising your chatbots, give them a purpose that’ll heighten customer experience. In DW’s case, they’re using their chatbots to help their customers select their products. You could use the chatbots to help your customers choose software plans, and so much more.

5 Harry’s – Present Your Product Innovatively

Product presentation is half of advertising success.

Best Ecommerce ads, like the one from Harry’s, know how to make the best of both marketing and creativity.

Facebook advertisement showing a video for Harry’s which is a men’s shaver brand. They use creativity with paper to construct the video. It shows a flag for Germany which means this was targeting a specific country.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make your ad fun. People will be more likely to click on the ad they see on a highly visual medium if it features (you guessed it) enticing visuals.
  • Be creative. Combine craft and illustrations to present your products in an entirely new light. If the presentation also resonates with your target audience (e.g., conquering the mountain, a very manly impulse for a company catering to men), you’ll have struck gold!

6 HUM Nutrition – Preview Your Product

People love seeing what’s really in their products, especially if they come packed in bottles. There’s nothing like a tangible preview of what you’ll get.

HUM Nutrition know it well, which is why they show what’s inside their vitamin bottles:

Facebook advertisement for HUM Nutrition which is a supplement company. The picture shows a line up of their supplement bottles and the contents of them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Show, don’t tell. If your customers can’t immediately see what they’re getting, you should show them.
  • Make your product previews fun. HUM Nutrition’s ad is colorful and enticing, and it fits the feed perfectly. Potential customers know what they’ll be getting, and if it looks enticing, they’ll be more likely to hit that CTA button!

7 Best Self Co – Offer Your Customers a Deal

There’s nothing customers love more than a discount. The folks at Best Self Co, a stationery company, leverage discounts to drive sales:

Facebook advertisement showing Best Self Co planner Black Friday sale. It’s an image ad that everything is buy one get one 30% off.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make use of seasonality. Pay attention to how Best Self Co use Black Friday. Shoppers have been getting ready for a while. They’re on the lookout for best deals. It’s your time to offer it.  
  • Discounts always work. If you want to give your company a quick sales boost, go for a discount or a premium offer. You’ll attract a lot more customers and perhaps even increase the value of your existing customers.

8 Eczema Honey Co – Delivering Engaging Social Proof

97% of consumers state that reviews and social proof influence their purchasing decisions.

And sure, you could add a testimonial or two. But look at the way Eczema Honey Co leverage multiple elements to make their ad as effective as possible:

Key Takeaways:

  • Use testimonials. Consumers trust other consumers. If you add social proof to your Ecommerce Facebook ads, they’ll be more convincing.
  • Carousel formats are a great way of addressing different audience segments, and highlighting unique benefits, they can relate with.
  • Video ads emphasize personality and drive an emotional connection.

9 Boosted Boards – Nothing’s Better than Reviews

Boosted Boards, a company producing electric longboards, know that their customers are looking for the best board in the market.

And what could be more convincing than a review from a reputable website?

Key Takeaways:

  • Integrate social proof addressing your customers’ questions. Understand the questions your customers have and then convince them with relevant and reputable social proof.

10 What Do You Meme? – Humor Convinces Customers

If you can make them laugh, you can make them buy anything. What Do You Meme?, a party game company, knows they’re talking to a fun-loving audience.

And nothing works better than memes.

Key Takeaway:

  • Frame your product in a new angle. What Do You Meme? frame their latest game in the way it’s meant to be used, by combining frisky texts and mortifying responses.
  • Embrace your style. Don’t be afraid to be funny if your customers are fun-loving people. Even if you’re selling 3D printers, there are still plenty of ways to engage your customers with jokes.
  • Show your customers having fun/enjoying your product. Did you notice that the ad is a screenshot of a tweet? Social proof: stealth mode.

11 Sitting Pretty – Showcase Your Product in Action

There’s nothing like showcasing the transformation brought about by your product. Sitting Pretty, a hair extension company, know it well.

In their ad, they show the changes taking place after a customer used their product:

Key Takeaway:

  • Use before & after visuals. You can use them even if your product isn’t in the health and beauty niche. For example, if you sell home décor products, you could show a generic living room before, and a comfortable living room after the owner purchased your products.
  • Address your customers’ pressing concerns. All customers struggle with problems that your products can solve. Show them that they can rely on your product.

12 Jack Black Men’s Skincare – Product Demonstrations Are Still en Vogue

There’s nothing like a good old product demonstration, showcasing your product in action.

Jack Black Men’s Skincare use video to drive the point home:

Key Takeaways:

  • A picture says a thousand words, but videos say millions. Show your product in action with the help of video. It’s incredibly engaging and convincing for prospective customers.
  • Offer a solution to your customers’ problems. Emphasize the benefits that your customers will experience after using your products.

13 Wayfair – Promote Events

You don’t have to promote products with your ads directly.

You can also promote product-related events and your entire brand.

Wayfair, an online home store, leverages Facebook ads to remind their customers about their events and sales:

Key Takeaways:

  • Running a sale? Advertise it.
  • Promote your brand by discounting certain products/plans only.
  • Promote special events organized by your brand or your partners. It’ll improve brand awareness and sales.

14 Away – Beautiful Visuals

When you’re running social media ads, you have to be aware that people are looking for enticing visuals.

If you’re using a run-of-the-mill ad, they could scroll past it, not registering it as noteworthy.

However, if you use visuals as beautiful as Away Luggage’s, you’ll see magic happen:

Key Takeaways:

  • Branded visuals. Make sure your ad visuals reflect your branding. Away Luggage is all about sleek and modern travel, and their visuals appeal to the audience that shares the same values.
  • Stand out on the feed. Think about what your customers’ feeds look like. Then craft visuals that are the exact opposite to ensure you get their attention.

15 Nike – Contrasting Presentation

Standing out on the feed is everything, and the folks at Nike know it well.

Their ad makes our list of best Ecommerce Facebook ads because of their masterful use of contrast.

By juxtaposing black/white and red, they’ve created an incredibly effective ad:

Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t have to pull rabbits out of a hat. Just use contrast in your visuals, so both your products and the accompanying information get your customers’ attention.
  • Merge mediums. Noticed how Nike’s ad creative mimics the look of a Twitter profile? Experiment with different formats and presentations to create an ad creative that stands out from the ordinary.

16 Casper – Mitigate Risks and Address Objections

Making big purchases online is still a big no-no for a lot of contemporary consumers. Casper, the world-renowned mattress company, takes the stress out of online purchases:

Key Takeaways:

  • Emphasize security. How do you protect your customers? This is especially important if you’re handling recurring payments.
  • Offer extra convenience. Free, no credit-card-required trials are always a great way to reach customers who are still on the fence.

17 Thousand Helmets – People Respond to People

People respond better to visuals featuring people’s faces.

Thousand, a helmet-production company, knows it’s a fantastic way to connect with your audience on a personal level.

Key Takeaways:

  • Emphasize the humanness of your brand. Be that through ad copy, chatbots, or simply images featuring people like your customers.

Houston, we have an ad!


And there you have it!

It’s time to launch your next Facebook ad campaign.

And with our Ecommerce ad tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be on your way to success in no time!

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