Drive sales pipeline and revenue for your B2B SaaS

Have strong product-market fit? Get high-quality signups and demos that convert into customers and opportunities—all with paid marketing.

Trusted by the world’s fastest-growing companies

No poor quality traffic. No vanity metrics.
Get real results and ROI.

Having a clear framework for testing and experimentation — personalized for your SaaS — will give you more growth than any generic, copy-and-paste campaign ever will.

But not every agency has the expertise. That’s where Hey Digital delivers.

Our tried-and-tested playbooks and plug-and-play processes ensure you get leads that fill your pipeline with SQLs and grow your MRR.

The best part? You always have access to the hard data to track and show the value of paid marketing to your CEO 🙌

Increase MRR with PPC


How we help you win bigger deals and find customers that stay

Our experts do all the legwork of generating a consistent lead flow of high-value accounts—so you can stay focused on what matters most to you and your company.


Full-funnel campaigns, minus wasteful ad spending

Reach your prospects wherever they are in your sales funnel and give them the offer they’re looking for. Based on our proven testing and experimentation framework, we launch engaging campaigns across paid search and social platforms.

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The SaaS PPC Agency - Hey Digital
The SaaS PPC Agency - Hey Digital


Unlimited ad creatives for B2B SaaS companies

Create on-brand SaaS ad creatives — faster, more reliably, and at scale. Fast turnaround. No contracts or surprises. Cancel anytime.

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Landing pages that
boost conversion

Improve your ad performance with on-brand, high-converting landing pages and A/B testing without stressing out your in-house team. Get copies that are backed by Voice-of-Customer Research and designs that follow your brand guidelines.

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PPC Landing Pages

Don’t just hit your goals. Overachieve them, quarter over quarter.

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On-brand, quality
ad creatives

Help your internal designers save time and prioritize other important projects. Create on-brand, stunning ad creatives with us that grab your audience's attention and convert them—no matter what platform you launch on.

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End-to-end video
ads production

Emotionally engage your audience, build your brand, and present your product's features in a digestible way. Launch GIFs, UGC videos, and YouTube ads, while leaving the script, storyboarding, and production to us.

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Ready to hit numbers just like these?


Strategy and growth consulting

Your product is not for everyone, and neither should your marketing strategy be. Understand your current strategy’s strengths and weaknesses, develop personas, finalize the potential market, and get a research-backed strategy that drives SQLs, revenue, and uncover new opportunities.

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Don’t just take our word for it

See what the leading B2B SaaS companies say.

As a fast growing startup we needed to get the word out about our product effectively and efficiently. Hey Digital partnered with us to lay a strong foundation for ongoing paid marketing, with refreshed creative and targeting optimisations that significantly reduced cost per signup.

Sarah Kiefer, CMO at Pitch

The quantifiable ROI from working with Hey Digital for us was really an enormous decrease in Cost Per Lead in regards to getting trials. I think it was 4x the amount it was before we hired Hey Digital. That saves a large amount of money and accelerates growth at the same time.”

Claire Peña, VP of Marketing at Stream

I would definitely recommend Hey Digital to any SaaS marketers. They have a really great understanding of metrics. They’re able to help you with new campaigns, refresh old campaigns, and creatives.”

Ellen Kraemer, Marketing Manager at cord


Convert more leads on your site.

What if you could instantly respond to your website visitors 24/7 365, convert more leads and book more qualified meetings for your team?

Time to say hello to conversational marketing. As an official drift partner agency we can help you turn this dream into a reality.

Explore Conversational Marketing

The B2B buying process is changing.

We can help guide your target customers through the entire experience to drive more ROI and revenue.

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PPC Management

Increase trials, demos and meetings with PPC.

Landing Page Design

Convert more PPC traffic with custom landing pages.


Connect with target
prospects in real-time.


Here’s why B2B SaaS companies like yours come to us

Apart from helping companies get more signups and demos than their sales team can possibly handle, here’s what makes us the preferred paid marketing agency.

Get a SaaS-specific
expert team

Get access to a team of industry specialists who are focused on driving qualified brand awareness and SQLs, and not just empty performance.

Create high-converting
landing pages

Create, launch, and optimize dedicated landing pages that make your traffic go “there’s everything in it for me!”

Have your conversion tracking set up and working

Track the success of your campaigns across all channels and see what needs to be optimized and improved.

Always keep a pulse on your campaigns

Get regular updates about the performance on Slack, so you always know what’s going on and how exactly the numbers look like.

Demonstrate the impact to your leadership

Showcase the value of paid marketing and your initiatives to your leadership team and investors with detailed, beautiful reports.

Take SaaS PPC off your plate

That’s one less work for you and your team. You can finally win back the time to do what matters to you most—both during and post work hours.

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