How we helped Pabau achieve
a 27% increase in demo bookings.

decrease in ad spend
decrease in CPA

About Pabau

Pabau is a prominent player in the wellness industry, offering comprehensive clinic management software to streamline operations for practice owners and managers.

Their innovative solutions include scheduling, patient management, billing, and more, catering to the unique needs of clinics and healthcare providers.

They serve many industries, including medi-aesthetic, salons and spas, GP-clinics, and more.

The Challenge

Pabau faced the challenge of optimising their digital advertising campaigns to drive more qualified leads and demo bookings. The complexity of the health and wellness sector and the decision-making process of their target audience demanded a strategic approach.

Their existing campaigns needed refinement to ensure precise targeting, efficient resource allocation, and better alignment with user intent.

The Solution

Hey Digital, a leading performance marketing agency for B2B SaaS, partnered with Pabau to address their challenges and optimise their advertising strategy. The solution focused on four key areas:

Switch to Industry Pages on the Website

Understanding the complex buying decisions of their ideal customers, Pabau's team provided continuous feedback to Hey Digital.

Based on this valuable insight, Hey Digital ran experiments comparing dedicated landing pages built on Unbounce with industry-specific category landing pages on the Pabau website.

The goal was to identify the most effective variant before making a full transition. As a result, the winning industry category pages were identified, resulting in a significant improvement in campaign performance.

Data-Driven Optimization with HubSpot

Hey Digital leveraged data from Pabau's CRM platform, HubSpot, to enhance campaign performance. By creating audiences based on closed-won deals and booked demos, they established a foundation for creating powerful lookalike audiences for prospecting campaigns.

The team also implemented audience exclusions and extended optimizations to various lifecycle stages, ensuring campaigns were precisely targeting key funnel goals and yielding impressive results.

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Brand Term Spend Reallocation

In close collaboration with Pabau, Hey Digital made a strategic decision to redistribute budget away from exact brand terms that already ranked well organically, such as "pabau".

Instead, the focus shifted to other variations of the brand term, like "pabau software" and "pabau clinical software." This strategic pivot captured user intent more effectively and expanded the reach of the branded campaign, leading to increased demo bookings.

Ad Group Consolidation for Enhanced Performance

To optimise campaign performance further, Hey Digital analysed top-performing keywords that had previously driven demo bookings through HubSpot. They then restructured and consolidated the ad groups within the campaign structure, focusing on these core converting keywords.

This approach simplified the account structure and resulted in better overall performance for the selected keywords.


Over a span of three months, the collaboration between Pabau and Hey Digital yielded remarkable cost efficiencies.

With a reduction of 22.61% in ad spend, the campaign's performance improved with a 27% increase in demo bookings and a significant 38.92% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

By adapting their strategies to address Pabau's specific challenges, Hey Digital effectively improved the performance of the campaigns, achieving impressive results in the field of B2B SaaS performance marketing.

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