How we helped Wiza achieve 88% growth in sign-up conversions.

decrease in Google CPA
increase in sign-ups
growth in media spend

About Wiza

Wiza is a sales prospecting & acceleration platform that helps businesses connect with the right audience, faster and easier—whether they wish to scale outbound sales or recruit the best talent. 

With a simple Chrome extension, Wiza turns LinkedIn searches into prospect lists with valid contact emails and phone numbers.

Today, Wiza is trusted by the sales, marketing, and hiring teams of 30,000+ businesses—including industry leaders like Slack, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

The challenge

Wiza had a strong organic presence and had built a powerful sales pipeline. However, they found it challenging to get on top of their high intent search queries on Google and prevent competitors from taking away the brand searches.

Wiza came to Hey Digital looking for a PPC marketing partner with an aim to build an account to scale and meet their expected results—an increasing number of new and returning customers and high-value sign-ups. 

Thus, they looked for a paid acquisition solution that would increase the overall sign-ups and purchases across Google, Facebook, Bing, and LinkedIn, while keeping the cost per sign-up under control.

Our approach

As Wiza only works with Sales Navigator, we aimed at targeting personas who were closely acquainted with this LinkedIn feature. This high-level strategy panned out into multiple campaigns across Google Search, Display, Facebook, Bing, and YouTube. 

With Wiza’s support in identifying qualified audiences and our continuous efforts to optimize for quality, their demand generation campaigns grew to generate 88% more sign-ups at a lower CPA.

Below are some of the action highlights that helped us achieve this growth for Wiza.

Google Ads

Search campaign restructure

As we scaled the budgets, Hey Digital and Wiza teamed up to tackle the rising CPA by restructuring the campaigns to include all match types within the same ad groups, instead of having them in separate campaigns/ad groups. 

The campaigns were re-grouped from multiple single keyword campaigns into 5 campaign groups based on search query intent to scale and manage budgets effectively. 

With this experiment, we managed to avoid conflicting search queries across campaigns/ad groups, which reduced the CPC by 4.4% despite scaling clicks by 79%.

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Negative Keywords

Everything matters in Google Ads—even the things that may seem trivial at first, like changing the individual campaign settings, scheduling the campaigns to run on weekdays, and so on. 

To improve the campaign’s health, we rigorously updated negative keywords from search queries to maximise our intent match, which further drove an improvement in CPA.

Regional expansion

The campaigns were initially set out to target just the primary countries. However, as there were potential buyers across EMEA and APAC regions, we expanded our reach to these countries as well. 

Having checked on the quality of sign-ups across the countries, we excluded a few countries that drove sign-ups but didn’t generate purchases. 

The first purchase revenue metric helped us to scale across regions and have a better understanding of the campaigns that delivered sign-ups and purchase—thus, helping us determine the success of the global expansion.

Facebook Ads

Optimization goal challenge

In Facebook Ads, Wiza delivered exceptionally well when the campaigns were optimized for sign-ups. However, on diving deeper into the performance, we saw that there were a few sign-ups that didn’t turn into purchases.

To tackle this, we switched the lookalike audiences and optimization goal for purchases instead of sign-ups, which in turn delivered both quality sign-ups and purchases.

Bing Ads

Utilising lower CPCs on Bing

Although Bing search campaigns are a perfect replication of Google search campaigns, we faced unique challenges and opportunities here. One such opportunity was that Bing ads had a much lower CPC, which we then capitalized on to get in front of all the high intent and brand queries at a lower cost.


Wiza grabbed the opportunity to optimise for sign-ups by increasing their ad spend and making the most out of their campaign.

Thus, with Wiza buying more exposure and the combined efforts of the team at Hey Digital, they were able to surpass their goal, achieving an 85% increase in sign-ups from Google search at a 7% lower CPA that turned into paid subscribers of the product.

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