How we helped Writesonic achieve a 350% revenue growth with paid media.

increase in signups
decrease in CPA

About Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI-powered writing tool that helps businesses generate high-quality content in a matter of seconds. Its advanced algorithms are capable of creating various types of content such as blogs, ads, emails, website copies, product descriptions, and more.

Writesonic and its other tools like ChatSonic (AI chatbot) are ideal for businesses of all sizes — ranging from startups to large enterprises.

The challenge

Writesonic raised a total of $2.6M in funding over 2 rounds and wanted to scale faster with paid acquisition.

Their primary goal was to acquire more paying customers through various channels while maintaining a controlled CPA for both — their primary AI writing tool and ChatSonic (the ChatGPT alternative).

As paid marketing experts, Hey Digital knew how to help Writesonic attract new users, increase brand awareness, and boost revenue.

I had the pleasure of working with Hey Digital and I couldn't be more impressed with the results.

What led me to hire Hey Digital in the first place was their SaaS expertise, their strong skill set in applying a data-driven model and their track record of helping other companies like us achieve our performance marketing goals.

The collaboration with Hey Digital was fantastic. They were always available to answer my questions and provided regular updates on the progress of our campaigns and creatives. Their team was professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They made the entire process seamless, which was a huge relief for me.

Head of Growth at Writesonic

Our approach

After thorough research, Hey Digital identified Facebook, TikTok, and Google Ads as the most promising platforms to reach their target audience.

The teams agreed to promote a free trial for Writesonic and ChatSonic with search ads and stunning ad creatives. To convert the ad clicks to signups, we launched conversion-focused landing pages. 

Further, we used retargeting campaigns for converting people who had already shown interest in their tools.

All of this proved to be a game-changer and led to a 131% increase in signups — which is a big win! 🎉

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything else we did.

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Channel Experiments

Apart from the marketing channels already mentioned, we conducted experiments with additional channels like YouTube and Performance Max. 

The results were so impressive that we included Performance Max as one of their primary prospecting channels.

Ad Creative Testing

We came up with different ad angles to test what resonates the most with the audience. We also used the voice of customer data to guide the ad copies. 

Additionally, we launched different types of creatives — statics, carousels, GIFs, and videos — to test their effectiveness and re-launch the most successful ones.

Custom Landing pages

At Hey Digital, we believe that ads sell the click, and landing pages sell the offer.

We created on-brand landing pages that combined the power of copywriting, UX, and psychology to drive more conversions.


With the combined efforts of Paid Media and Design teams, Writesonic successfully achieved their goal of winning more customers for their AI tools while keeping their costs under control. 😄

They saw a 350% growth in revenue, a 131% increase in signups, and a 15% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

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