How we helped Document360 reduce their cost per lead by 59%.

decrease in cost per lead.
increase in conversions.
reduction in cost per click.

About Document360

Document360 is the number one rated knowledge base software on platforms such as Capterra and GetApp. With Document360 you can create, collaborate and publish a self-service knowledge base for your software company with ease. Their current customers include Microsoft, Stackify, and

The challenge

After launching in 2018 the team at Document360 had proven product market fit pretty quickly. They knew that their SEO and content marketing efforts would take some time to start driving significant volumes of traffic so it made sense to turn to PPC to help accelerate this process.

This is a very competitive space with average CPC’s for some target keywords being as high as $30 so it was important to Document360 that they were efficient with their spending whilst also capturing as much of the market as possible.

Managing costs whilst scaling spend was something that they were struggling to do themselves which is why they turned to Hey Digital.

Our approach

As with all of our customers, we initially focus on identifying the lowest hanging fruit and easiest conversion opportunities to optimize efficiency. After this is complete, we then begin to scale spend.

Restructuring the Google account to reduce cost per lead

When we took over the Google ads account the cost per lead was far too high and the conversion volume was very low. We immediately began to restructure and separate campaigns by geography, intent and match type. There was a lack of ad copy testing going on within the account so we quickly introduced new ad copy tailored to the searchers intent and worked hard to improve CTR’s and quality scores. This resulted in a significant drop in cost per lead and improved overall account health and efficiency.

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Leverage the Google Display Network to drive high volumes of qualified traffic to the Document360 website

When using the Google display network you have to be very strict with your targeting to ensure that the quality of the traffic remains high. If you manage this well you can drive a high volume of great traffic to the website at a very low cost - that’s exactly what we did with Document360. We had great success with custom intent audiences targeting both similar users and visitors to competitors websites.

Combine account simplification with dynamic creative ads to generate great results on Facebook

With Document360 we saw great success with prospecting campaigns targeting lookalike audiences of high value customers whilst using dynamic creative ads to quickly test which angles and creative resonated the most with their target audience.

The days of manually hacking your way to success on Facebook’s advertising platform are long gone. You’ll see the best results from Facebook when simplifying your account and leveraging their advanced automation tools. We often follow the Power5 methodology to maximize results for our customers.

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