How we helped SocialBee book 653% more demos and 623% more trial signups.

increase in booked demos
increase in free trial signups
increase in ebook downloads

About SocialBee

SocialBee is a social media management platform trusted by over 14,000 businesses to help them generate more leads from social media with less effort. With SocialBee you can automate many areas of your social media so that you can focus on spending more time on what truly matters.

The challenge

The team at SocialBee had previous success with a couple of Appsumo launches and were seeing steady performance from their organic content marketing efforts. They needed to identify a new scalable acquisition channel to help support this organic efforts and take their growth to the next level. 

SocialBee had never run ads before working with us so there was no previous data that we could utilize. We were starting from scratch on our mission to identify as quickly as possible whether or not PPC could be the next growth lever that they were looking for.

There were two core KPI’s that we were held accountable for:
1. Trial sign up volume
2. Demos booked with the sales team

Hey Digital know what they're doing when it comes to PPC. They significantly increased the number of people signing up for trials of our tool, booking demos with our sales team and more importantly making purchases.

Ovi Negrean,
CEO at SocialBee

Our approach

As this was the first time SocialBee had ever run ads it was important to find the balance between collecting as much data as possible from the various advertising platforms and making quick decisions on what to cut and what to scale. 

As we had to build out their paid acquisition funnel from scratch it would be impossible to fit everything we did into a short case study, however here are some of the key successes to note:

Use Competitor Traffic To Drive Quality Conversions

From speaking with the team at length it was clear there was one specific competitor to SocialBee who they would always defeat in a side by side battle - MeetEdgar. The problem was, not everyone knew about this.
Armed with this information we aggressively targeted MeetEdgar related search terms on Google and pretty much immediately saw great results thanks to our combination of highly relevant ad copy and a specific comparison landing page - 9% of all people who saw our ads would convert to either sign up or schedule a demo of SocialBee.

Drive sales pipeline and
revenue for your B2B SaaS

Have strong product-market fit? Get high-quality signups and demos that convert into customers and opportunities—all with paid marketing.

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Leverage Content To Generate Sign Ups And Acquire Top Of Funnel Leads At Volume

Many SaaS companies struggle with using advertising on Facebook and Instagram to drive meaningful conversions, luckily for you we have that figured out. With SocialBee we used their Copywriting For Social Media ebook to drive some incredible results. Usually companies only use ebooks and guides like this for awareness and email collection, however by focusing these campaigns towards our objectives of trial signups and demos booked we were able to collect a high volume of email addresses whilst also driving significant conversion volume. This was thanks to a combination of interesting ad copy and creative, a great landing page and a well prepared follow-up email sequence.

Identify High Intent Keywords With Google Search 

When you’re first testing PPC and budgets are fairly conservative it’s important to identify high converting keywords that bring the best ROI - you don’t want to immediately go after top of funnel traffic as that can become very expensive. In this case we made sure to group high buying intent keywords together and control match types pretty stringently, making sure to tailor our ads specifically to the users search queries to improve quality scores and performance. This enabled us to identify pretty quickly what was converting and what wasn't so that we could then begin to scale out our campaigns.

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