We helped Mailgun by Sinch achieve 10% reduction in Cost Per Sign-up.

decrease in CPA
increase in CTR
decrease in CPC

About Mailgun by Sinch

Mailgun by Sinch empowers businesses to take back control of the way they connect. As one of the world’s largest email service providers, Mailgun by Sinch enables development and product teams alike to send, receive, and track emails with ease. Some of their clients include Microsoft, American Express, Lyft, and other similar industry leaders.

The Challenge

Hey Digital acquired the Mailgun Google Ads search account from another agency and the goal was to optimize the campaigns using the best practices. At the time of taking over the account, our core objective as the new agency was to drive down the Cost per Sign-up by the end of the initial contract period.

Our Approach

At Hey Digital, we know that success doesn’t come overnight. It is an outcome of gradual, yet strategic efforts that eventually show promising results—something similar to how the little droplets of rainwater make up the entire ocean. 

During the course of the months, we relentlessly focused on continuous improvement in all areas of the campaigns, rather than utilizing only a few best practices. 

Given below, in no particular order, are what we believe the most important actions we took that led to a 10% reduction in cost per sign-up (CPA).

Device Optimization

The reports in Google Ads that explain how your ads are performing across different devices—computers, tablets, and mobile—are often overlooked when optimizing campaigns. 

Now, here’s the thing: users behave differently towards ads depending on the device they are using and the kind of product they are searching for. 

Thus, keeping the above user behaviour in mind, we optimized the ads for the right kind of device (computers, in this case). 

We believe this was key in getting the best ROI from their ad campaigns.

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Budget Optimization

Mailgun ad account already had individual services broken into their own campaigns with their own daily budgets. After looking at the Cost per Sign-up (or CPA) for different campaign themes, we re-adjusted the budgets accordingly. 

We allocated more of the budget to the campaigns that drove the lowest Cost per Sign-up and minimized the budget on the campaigns with higher Cost per Sign-up.

Ad Copy Optimization

In the process of improving the Cost per Sign-up, we optimized some ad copies where we had an ongoing process of reviewing existing ad copies and adding new ad copy variations to the campaign mix to improve the overall campaign performance. This resulted further in improved performance.

Launched Image Ad Extensions

We also cashed in on the new image extensions feature on Google Search as a great way to enhance the text ads being run on Google. They contributed to making the text ads more visually appealing and engaging, which resulted in some improvements in the click-through rate (CTR) of the campaigns.


With the combined efforts of the team at Hey Digital, Mailgun by Sinch was able to drive down their Cost per Sign-up by 10% in just one quarter. This was highly beneficial for their overall PPC budget, as it gave them the opportunity to buy more exposure in the online advertising space and optimize for conversions that came from the ad spend.

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