How we helped Pixelz increase MQLs by 61% using only paid social ads.

increase in MQLs on LinkedIn
increase in MQLs on Facebook
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About Pixelz

Pixelz is a product image retouching software, empowering photo studio professionals reliable AI-powered image retouching at scale. 30,000+ brands and retailers trust Pixelz to retouch their product photos, such as MANGO, Asics, BESTSELLER, and many more.

The Challenge

As a growing B2B SaaS company, Pixelz wished to increase their number of MQLs and improve the results for webinar attendees, e-book downloads, and registration completions. 

They came to Hey Digital looking for a paid social marketing partner with an aim to build an account to scale and meet their expected results. 
With structured campaigns—that included specific goals and high-intent targeting—and stand-out creatives, the team at HeyDigital successfully increased MQLs for Pixelz by 61% using LinkedIn and Facebook ads.

Our Approach

For us, every new challenge is an opportunity to unlock growth for our customers. With the right conversion goals, custom-built landing pages, stunning creatives, and successful experiments, HeyDigital was able to bring in a stream of MQLs from Facebook and LinkedIn paid channels.

Custom-designed ad creatives for all campaigns

HeyDigital’s design team worked on each ad creative with excellent detail. They took the brand’s color palette into consideration and combined it with the most suitable images, animations, and CTAs to ensure the ad creatives are attention-grabbing and suited to drive sign-ups.

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Engaging and personalized ad copies

Instead of just giving the obvious information, our ad copies were engaging and personalized to the audience’s psychographics. This way, we were able to deliver the right message to the right audience. Plus, we ensured our ad copies were aligned with Pixelz’s messaging and brand voice.

Ad-relevant landing pages

To increase the relevancy for our paid ads and further match the audience’s intent to click on paid social ads, we built custom landing pages. This lead to an increase in CTRs and overall boost in conversion rate.  

Created relevant conversion goals for each campaign type

Before working with Hey Digital, Pixelz was not utilizing conversions other than leads. We created different conversion goals such as webinar sign-ups, e-book downloads, registrations completions, and so on. Tracking correct conversion events allowed us to further optimize the campaigns and drive secondary goals - such as e-book downloads and webinar registrations.

Conducted experiments each month for performance improvement

Every month we ran experiments for Pixelz to make sure we were always exploring new opportunities and growth areas—all while learning from each obstacle we encountered. As a result, we had successful outcomes that reduced CPA’s for lead generation and prospecting campaigns.


With the combined efforts of the team at Hey Digital, Pixelz was able to achieve their goal of increasing their MQLs by 61% successfully. They also saw a 110% and 51% increase in MQLs—acquired from LinkedIn and Facebook, respectively.

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