How we helped Stream achieve 243% growth in sign-ups.

growth in Google
growth in Bing
decrease in cost per trial

About Stream, Inc. powers social experiences by building reusable components for applications and products. They build chat and activity feeds for applications at scale in a fraction of the time and cost of developing in-house. Headquartered in Colorado, United States, Stream is used by billions of end-users globally.

The Challenge

Stream already had some great marketing content that drove decent organic traffic. This included blog posts, how-to guides, competitor comparisons, case studies, and more. However, they struggled to increase sign-ups on their platform with paid media ads. 

Stream came to Hey Digital looking for a PPC marketing partner with an aim to build an account to scale and meet their expected results - increasing the number of new and returning customers. Thus, they looked for a solution that would drive their overall user sign-ups while keeping the cost per sign-up under control.

Our Approach

For us, every new challenge is an opportunity to unlock growth for our customers. With tailored creatives, structured funnel-based campaigns and high intent targeting, Hey Digital worked closely with Stream and managed to increase new user sign-ups using Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter paid channels.

Our first goal was to scale up the accounts and generate more user sign-ups. We mainly focused on the Stream Chat & Messaging product, which is easy to implement on multiple platforms for multiple purposes across a variety of industries. We also promoted their Free Downloadable UI Kit to help support our conversion goals.

Google & Bing

We began by grouping our conversion-focused search campaigns into five themed clusters. We did this to start with the areas that already had high search volume and to enable us to discover new search categories. We then used a combination of text, video, and display ads to drive our awareness campaigns. 

We then faced the challenge of invalid search queries that were driven by the 2 gram keywords that were causing a surge in queries unintended to purchase Stream. We tackled this by increasing the efficiency of keywords by expanding them from two-word sequences to three-word sequences with a wide set of single keyword based campaigns and monitoring queries at a campaign level that increased the keyword focus.

By enabling manual CPC bid strategy for high cost and low performing generic campaigns the costs to acquire signups reduced drastically when we ran an automated bid management script that updates keyword bids to achieve the set target cost per signup set for each campaign group for individual funnel - top, medium and bottom intent generic campaign groups

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Paid Social

We believe that the quickest route to success for Stream via paid social ads was to use it for remarketing to website visitors, flow abandoners, already signed-up users, and for driving general awareness for their Chat UI Kit for high-intent lookalikes and interest-based audiences and delivered 800+ sign-ups.

We then pushed them into our marketing funnel by collecting their emails and followed up through both email and remarketing ads.

We used a combination of static, carousel and GIF assets on Facebook in order to generate lower cost, qualified website visitors.

Negative Keywords

Everything matters in PPC—even the things that may seem trivial at first, like changing the name of a campaign. We rigorously updated negative keywords from search queries to maximize our intent match, which further drove an increase in conversions.

Engaging Messaging and Creatives

We used the three key secrets to every successful ad—personalized copy, stunning ad creatives, and targeting—and rolled out new creatives each month. The results were phenomenal. 

Some other things we did for Stream: 
Used twitter as a platform for assisting brand awareness and also delivered bottom funnel conversions
Successfully experimented with Asia campaigns and delivered high quality and quantity of sign-ups.


Our partnership with Stream aided by our successful strategies helped Stream surpass their goal, achieving 243.51% increase in sign-ups, 198.8% increase from Google Ads, 139.45% increase from Bing Ads, and 21.85% overall reduction in Cost per Trial.

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